Accidents That Happen By Accident

At what point does a bush become a tree?
Perhaps trees are born and not made.
Once a bush, always a bush.

But no!

Perhaps bushes branch out.
In every forest across the land, but not across lakes and things…
‘Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a majestic oak,
swaying at the caress of the south-westerly breeze,
Force 3, blustery showers.’

The sticky out bits are called ‘leaves’
because each Autumn they all leave.
Such trees are called ‘deciduous’
because all the leaves decid to fall off.

The other type, ‘evergreen’,
are known as such because all the leaves evergreed not to.

Thence into dotage,
when the old chestnuts come out with those, er, old chestnuts.
‘When I were young, all this were car parks,
now you can’t move for trees.’

And so on until death,
but I won’t lumber you with that.


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